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Wilthorpe Primary School Aim high and never give up

Curriculum at Wilthorpe

A Curriculum the Wilthorpe Way

We aim to provide ALL our children with an engaging, purposeful curriculum that develops good knowledge, understanding, vocabulary and skills so they can achieve their aspirations for their community and themselves. We believe that providing our pupils with key experiences will enhance their learning and personal development to help them become successful, confident, resilient and independent learners.

When planning our curriculum, Wilthorpe Primary has considered the needs of our pupils and families. We want learning to be meaningful and memorable so that our pupils are ready for the next step in their journey. Staff have drawn on each others' expertise and teaching methods that we know to be successful with our children. After consultation with staff, we reflected on what our curriculum offer would look like to a child in our school.

How we deliver the curriculum

Reading is given a high priority in our curriculum as it the ability to read and understand which opens up learning for children. School has targeted phonics as a high priority, particularly in EYFS and Year 1, with children being taught Letters and Sounds through the phases. Children are placed in groups to ensure good progress through these phases is being made. School has recently sourced new reading texts to support the fluency of reading throughout school, this is to support all children in keeping up with expectation. Reading as a class is taught predominantly through VIPERS, with teachers planning and teaching from the school overview. To further enhance reading school also uses reading  buddies across year groups, has a home school reading challenge ‘Read with Kong Phooey’ and each class has a daily story/book time at the end of the day to generate a love of reading.

Recovery Curriculum

At Wilthorpe Primary School we understand that Covid19 and school closures have brought about a period of uncertainty and will have had an impact on coverage of teaching and learning. However, we believe that pupils can and should still have academic success and we should not block any routes to that success by prolonging the delivery of an academic curriculum. Our recovery curriculum aims to bridge pupil’s personal, social, and emotional development with the academic curriculum. We acknowledge that concentration may have been affected but this can and will be re-developed.
    Avoid re-teaching previous work.
Do revisit, practice and refresh.
Do start the curriculum where the pupils should be.
Do not let tests drive the curriculum.

How we will support all pupils:
There will be a three phase approach:
1. Whole school approach
This will encompass the main curriculum upon our return. For most pupils, this will be sufficient to meet the aims set out by our Recovery Curriculum, although their journeys will happen over different time frames. From the activities and lessons planned, staff will be able to identify those who need more support in their recovery which will lead to a personalised response.
2. Personalised response
Where pupils are unable to engage in the any aspect of the curriculum, further work will be undertaken by school staff such as SLT, the subject lead and SENDco to enable their needs to be met.
3. Deep recovery
For pupils who have experienced a severe impact on their learning and development within any curriculum, specialist support may be required and arranged.

Wilthorpe Catch Up Spending Plan

VIPERS Overview (Reading)

English Plan Overview

Phonics Support for Parents and Carers.

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Reading Scheme Support for Parents and Carers.

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In Maths we follow an approach where all pupils are taught to their year group expectation with challenge for the more able and support for those who need it. We aim to ensure that children become confident in all areas of mathematics, master their curriculum and demonstrate this by applying their learning and solving mathematical problems across the full curriculum. In order to deepen learning, ‘…’ statements are employed through KS1 and KS2.  These statements allow children to gain a greater understanding of mathematics beyond fluency.

Foundation Curriculum Subjects


Each year group has an engaging curriculum – the “A Curriculum the Wilthorpe Way” - which provides our children with the opportunity to learn about a variety of exciting themes. We have thought carefully about the needs of our children at Wilthorpe Primary School, and have planned a series of themes that will provide excellent learning opportunities where our children can develop core knowledge to support their development of skills, enjoy exciting experiences and make good progress. The “A Curriculum the Wilthorpe Way” will prepare all of our children for the next stage of their education, whether that is their transition into KS1, into KS2 or into KS3.

It is our intention to provide our children with the best, first-hand experience that will engage their interests and drive their learning with a key purpose. Each theme the “A Curriculum the Wilthorpe Way” has a clear ‘Hook / Engagement’ experience that excites and motivates our children for the theme and provides a solid foundation for all pupils regarding starting points. In addition to this we ensure that our children have a stimulating learning environment that motivates and enhances their ability to learn.

Mary Poppins starts EYFS topic on 'Infinity and Beyond'.

Yr5 begin their theme on 'Surviving Extremes'.

We have ensured that our school curriculum provides the best opportunity for all our children to thrive regardless of their abilities, whilst ensuring we have the best quality opportunities for cross curricular literacy and numeracy across all our themes. Planning is focused upon progression in knowledge and skills.

The voids and gaps document identifies the learning the children have missed or not completed due to COVID closure. The document also evidences the knowledge they have missed, the vocabulary missed and when this will be caught up during their time in school. Where the children are older and have less time, key learning objectives have been identified and these will be taught.

Throughout their remaining time in school the Knowledge and Skills Progression Document will be delivered from the child's starting point through each specific skill and the knowledge that is required to do it.

Topic Overview for 2021-2022


Our Science Intent:

'Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Through our teaching and learning of Science, children develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena and whilst there are often answers in Science, this knowledge is only as good as the latest, accepted theory and so children are encouraged to question evidence and discoveries from the scientific greats of the past and present. During learning, the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of Science are taught and learnt in a variety of contexts. We apply constructivist theory to many areas of our Curriculum and especially Science, acknowledging that children are not ‘empty vessels’ that come to school to be ‘filled’ with ‘real, correct Science.’ Children question and often lead the line of scientific enquiry. Ultimately, learning is an active, not passive process, and teachers facilitate this learning, helping children to deepen their scientific understanding.


Our Geography Intent:

Geography at Wilthorpe fosters children’s curiosity and fascination of the world and its people. Children take part in learning about the diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments across the world. Through Geography, children learn to care about the world around them as they study the impact of humans on the physical world and the interaction that the two have.

Art and Design

Our Art and Design Intent:

Art and Design at Wilthorpe allows children to creatively express themselves by harnessing ideas that they themselves may already have whilst taking inspiration from some of the great artists, designers and architects that have lived. Children are engaged and inspired from this balance of freedom of expression and artwork that is already in the public domain.

Art and Design Documentation

Religious Education Intent:

At Wilthorpe Primary School we believe Religious Education teaches pupils valuable insights into the diverse beliefs & opinions held by people today. Through Studying a wide range of different faiths, pupils develop their knowledge, understanding and awareness of the beliefs, values and traditions of other individuals, societies, communities and cultures. We encourage our pupils to ask questions about the world and to reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences. Our RE curriculum is enhanced further with educational visits to places of worship in our local area and by visitors in school . Because we live in a dynamic ever-changing society full of different perspectives beliefs and cultures, we believe we are preparing and supporting our pupils to help them see the world clearly along with developing a genuine understanding about the world and the people in it.

Religious Education Long Term Plan

Example of Part of the Long Term Geography Plan


We are committed to ensuring that our children at Wilthorpe Primary school receive a curriculum that they can be proud of, which enables them to enjoy their learning and become successful, confident learners. The curriculum will help them to develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding and will promote our school values of Independence, Determination, Kindness, Pride and Respect.


At Wilthorpe Primary School we follow the National Curriculum and strive to enrich the curriculum wherever possible. In our Reception children follow the Early Years Curriculum and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through a combination of both play-based learning and more focused teacher led sessions. Pupils learn to share, work independently and play with others. In Key Stage 1 and 2 our children are taught in classes, small groups or individually, according to their needs, within the framework of the National Curriculum. A variety of teaching styles are used in school, based on good practice and teachers continually reflect on their teaching. We are always seeking to innovate, improve and develop where appropriate, to maintain our high standards and provide the best in primary school practice. Pupils with special needs are well-supported in school with extra support and/or resources deployed where necessary to help close individual learning gaps. Staff are encouraged to use alternatives to written recording for subjects where knowledge can be demonstrated in different ways .


Assessment across the curriculum is being developed and is to used to identify children’s progress and find out areas where they are less confident. These assessments inform teacher’s lesson planning to support differentiation and support. Assessment is carried out across the curriculum through questioning and teacher assessment. Children complete summative assessments termly to show progress in reading, writing, SPaG and maths.

If you require any further information regarding our A Curriculum the Wilthorpe Way, please contact Mr Dean Tombling or Mrs Liz Heppenstall via the School on 01226 288676.


In addition to the whole school curriculum, key themes are explored in assembly through stories, short film clips and discussions.

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