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Wilthorpe Primary School Aim high and never give up

Year 4

Welcome parents and carers of Year 4,


As school begins to partially reopen, we will continue to set suggested reading, writing and maths activities for your child to complete at home on a weekly basis. You can view these in the Y4 Weekly plan (below). The plan will state by day the activities for each subject and may provide links for you to access. Each week, many of the lessons/activities will be linked to our school's Core Values, beginning with Kindness on 1st June.


If you find your child is struggling to access the material on this page, please don't hesitate to look at the suggested materials on prior year groups' pages.


Here is a link to the BBC bitesize daily lessons for Y4.


Here is a link to the Oak Academy lessons for Y4.


If you do complete any work (whether from our timetable, the Bitesize work or anything else) please email it to the school account ( or send it to the 4 Twitter page. We'd love to hear from you. We've really enjoyed the work sent so far. 


If you want to do any of the extra tasks listed below or complete your own research for our previous topics (Sands of Time [Egyptians] and Rampaging Romans) then that would be superb!


Should you have any issue logging into our subscription services (Spelling Shed, Times Table Rock Stars or Rising Stars: Reading Planet) please contact the school and we will try to solve the issue. For Rising Stars, you could use the generic accounts for each year group from the main page.   

Thank you for your hard work, support and understanding in these uncertain times.


All the best,

Year 4 staff 


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Work for the Week Commencing 6th June

Work for the Week Commencing Monday 29th June

Work for Week Commencing Monday 22nd June

Work for Week Commencing 15th June

Work for Week Commencing Monday 8th June

Weekly Work Document 5 - Week Commencing Monday 18th May

Weekly Work Document 4 - Week Commencing 11th May

Weekly Work Document 3: Week commencing Monday 4th May

Weekly Work Document 2: Week Commencing Monday 27th April

Weekly Work Document: Week Commencing April 20th


We have subscriptions to:

Times Table Rock Stars  [There will be regular challenges and battles appearing both between and within classes, so keep checking to see what they are!]


Free Resources:

Maths Frame (free games)



Spelling Shed



Rising Stars: Reading Planet 


Classroom Secrets Kids [log-ins are available via request for children currently at home]

Maths Help:


Third Space Education This site offers a wealth of advice on teaching maths from home, with a range of practical activities too. Here is a link to their Y4 specific advice

The Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives Song

ROCK 'N' ROLL GRAMMAR! Anchor Creative Education specialise in leading creative literacy sessions in primary schools across the UK. See the whole range of SPa/English videos on their channel...

Previous Topics:

Sands of Time

Our previous topic was focused on ancient Egypt. Even though the topic has come to an end, there is still a wealth of resources out there which you can use to expand your knowledge about it. If you are interested - keep learning!  


Here are some links to websites:


Ducksters: ancient Egypt for Kids. This website has so much information that you'll be a full blown Egyptologist if you read it all carefully!  The Ducksters site is not only full of history-themed information (Romans, Greeks etc), it also has a wide range of child-friendly information on science and geography. 


Primary Homework Help: Egypt [Again, this website has a vast wealth of resources across the whole curriculum]


History for Kids


The School Run: Ancient Egypt An outstanding page of key facts.


Furthermore, here is the school run's tremendous list of recommended websites and links about the Egyptians:


See for yourself


Find out more about Egyptian life and culture 


Rampaging Romans: Autumn Term

Although this was our autumn topic, you are still welcome to keep delving into this if you have the time and interest. Given that we are still studying the Romans today and their impact on our lives still continues now, you'll never run out of things to discover! 

Go to The School Run to find a comprehensive list of links, resources and information to help continue your learning journey!  





Suggested Topic-Themed Activities for Discovery and Saturn V

Welcome To Art For Kids Hub

We have used these art videos many times in class. They are great for enhancing observation skills and improving concentration. You usually end up with a really great piece of art too!

How to develop a positive mindset | Growth Mindset | BBC Teach

Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel negative (particularly in the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in). Here is a link to a series of videos helping to grow a more positive mindset, building on the work we have recently done in class.

Kids yoga and mindfulness to STAY STRONG 💪🌈

These Cosmic Kids videos are a mixture of yoga and mindfulness to help relax.

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