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Wilthorpe Primary School Aim high and never give up

Y3 Neptune/Eclipse

Welcome to Year 3!


Welcome to the webpage for Neptune and Eclipse!


Our teachers are Mr Backhouse (Neptune) and Mr Simmons (Eclipse).



Home learning is also important and each week children receive a set of spellings and a piece of work to complete. These are handed out on Fridays and need to be returned by the following Friday. Reading at home is also encouraged and rewarded and we recommend at least 3 days a week.


Neptune PE day - Friday.

Eclipse PE day - Friday.

We expect children to bring their full kit all week as in Year 3 we endeavour to provide children with as many opportunities to exercise as possible and often join the other class for PE.


This year our topics are Brilliant Barnsley, Stone Age Adventures, and Around Europe. Read on to find out what your child will be learning...


Autumn term: Brilliant Barnsley

This term's topic is History-based. Children will go back in time and learn what life was like for Barnsley's child miners. They will explore the mining industry and its importance for our local area, realising the dangers as they go along. Pupils will also learn about Barnsley in the modern age, researching its people and taking inspiration from the 'Barnsley Nightingale', folk musician Kate Rusby.

Science: Plants/Light

Geography: The world, including continents and map skills

Computing: E-Safety/Coding

Art: Sketching based on Kara Walker/Painting based on Andy Warhol

DT: Creating replica mining equipment

RE: Hinduism

Music: Folk music

PE: Invasion games/gymnastics

Languages will also be taught.

PSHE will focus on settling into Year 3 and building positive relationships.


Spring term: Stone Age Adventures

This term's topic is History-based. Children will be transported right back to early settlements and learn all about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. They will explore the impact of early settlers on life today and discover how technology changed through history, in particular tools, weaponry and jewellery.

Science: Rocks/Animals including humans

Geography: Map skills

Computing: Word-processing skills

Art: Sketching rocks/Cave paintings

DT: Creating replica tools, weaponry and jewellery

RE: Christianity

Music: Charanga singing/instrumental work

PE: Orienteering/Net games

Languages will also be taught.

PSHE will focus on self-esteem and teamwork.


Summer term: Around Europe

This term's topic is Geography-based. Children will travel Europe without even needing to leave their classrooms! They will discover different cultures, foods, dress and entertainment, thinking about what life is like in other European countries and how it compares to life in Britain.

Science: Forces and Magnets

Geography: Compasses/European maps

Computing: Research skills/photography

Art: Printing/Mosaics based on Antoni Gaudi

DT: Food Technology

RE: Hinduism

Music: Music from around Europe

PE: Athletics/Striking

Languages will also be taught.

PSHE will focus on setting goals and preparing for new challenges.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to speak to a member of our team. It is most convenient to speak to us at the end of the school day, as work begins upon pupils' arrival in the building on a morning.

Y3 Twitter - @Y3wilthorpePS

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