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Wilthorpe Primary School Aim high and never give up

Week 1 - 11.09.20

Medieval Shields

We have started our first topic of the year: Medieval Mayhem and Terrible Tudors. The children have been recapping prior learning looking at eras of the past they have already studied and noting the differences with the way they live today. We had some fantastic discussions!


We are now going to move onto what happened in 1066 and part of this is a re-enactment of The Battle of Hastings. To get them in the mood, for homework for the next two weeks, we would like them to have a go at making their own shield. Below are some links to have a look at to find out more details and children can decide whether they want to design and make a Norman kite shield or an Anglo-Saxon round shield. 

The shield can be made in cardboard and used by the child in our re-enactment. They should be large enough to use as a prop for our battle (so as a guide, about 40cm diameter for the round shield and about 60-70cm long for the kite shield). If no resources are available, they can just design a shield on paper.

Finished shields should by brought in by Monday 21st September.

Norman shields

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