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Update regarding September 2020

Update Coronavirus or COVID-19 Thursday 9th July 2020


Dear Mums, Dads and Carers,


It is that time of the week again! We have been working through the Government Guidance for the return of all pupils in school from September. As with all of the guidance given over the past few months it acknowledges that all schools are different in size, number of pupils, staff etc. Our job has been to try and ensure that the children, yourselves and staff are as safe as we can make them, but also ensuring that all of our children successfully return to full time education.


Firstly the updates for the remainder of this term. Transition days will continue as planned. Please remember that the children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 last day at school this academic year is Wednesday 15th July. On Thursday 16th and Friday 17th July all Key Worker bubbles will need to be held in Moon Building. If your child is currently attending Nursery, Reception or Year 1 and you are a key worker, please let us know if your child will be attending so we can make appropriate provision. On Friday 17th July can all Yr6 pupils please start at 9:30 (this includes those children currently attending in a bubble) and school will finish for these children at 2:30.


As I shared with you last week the guidance recommends bubbles in primary schools should, where possible be class sizes, and if not possible year group bubbles. After reviewing the options available Moon Building will be in class bubbles, however, due to the logistical problems of the number of classes in Star Building these bubbles will be year group size.


The guidance also advised the children have staggered start times, break times, lunch times and home times. We acknowledge that for those of you with children needing access to both buildings this may cause some clashes. Please appreciate that we have done what we can to eliminate this as best we can, but it is impossible to completely eradicate. Also, and again we know this will cause additional challenges, but due to the staggered start/finishing, staffing and the need for the bubbles to be kept separate, school will not be in a position to run Breakfast and After School clubs. We will endeavour to get these back up and running when it is feasible to do so.


Therefore from Monday September 7th 2020


Moon Building                                                                                                  

                                      Start Time                                                    Finish Time

Nursery (Milky Way: Mrs Ellis)                                                                    8:30 am                                11:30 am

Rocket Class (Reception: Miss Brooks)                                                    8:50 am                                 3:20 pm

Pluto Class (Reception: Mrs Dickinson/Mrs Thompson)                   8:40 am                                  3:10 pm

Galaxy Class (Year 1: Mrs Walker)                                             `               8:50 am                                  3:20 pm

Jupiter Class (Year 1: Mrs Cray)                                                                  8:40 am                                  3:10 pm


Star Building

Lunar Class (Year 2: Mrs Hall)                                                                      8:45 am                                  3:15 pm

Comet Class (Year 2: Mrs Bessell)                                                              8:45 am                                  3:15 pm

Neptune Class (Year 3: Mr Backhouse)                                                   8:30 am                                  3:00 pm

Eclipse Class (Year 3: Mr Simmons)                                                           8:30 am                                  3:00 pm

Saturn V (Year 4: Mr Hague)                                                                        9:05 am                                  3:35 pm

Discovery (Year 4: Miss Gill)                                                                         9:05 am                                  3:35 pm

Andromeda (Year 5: Mr Etherington)                                                      8:55 am                                  3:25 pm

Nova (Year 5: Miss Oldknow)                                                                      8:55 am                                  3:25 pm

Mercury (Year 6: Mrs Brown)                                                                      8:40 am                                  3:10 pm

Orion (Year 6: Mrs Heppenstall/Miss Ripley)                                        8:40 am                                  3:10 pm


Details of doors and routines will be sent in the first week of September, but both buildings will have a one way system for dropping off and collection of children. Parents/carers will still be unable to enter the school building under the current guidelines. In Moon Building we aim to open the back entrance of school to allow those children in Nursery and Reception to be dropped off and collected at the door to their new classroom. We will ensure that friendly and familiar staff are available to support the movement around the school building and help all children and adults to be in the correct place. As is current practise children will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entry, however we will also introduce the use of an infrared thermometer to check temperatures as they enter (staff will also be expected to do the same.)


The main logistical problem with keeping the bubbles apart is at the lunch times. By allowing each year bubble half an hour to eat lunch, it would take up to two and half hours in Star Building, similarly reducing that time would not allow our younger children to finish their food. An additional barrier to overcome is the health and safety aspects of how long meals can be heated for before being served. We have therefore made the decision that lunch, at least for the first term will need to be provided as grab bag lunches from the kitchen, or packed lunch from home. This again is not decision that we have taken lightly, but we have looked at all aspects of how we can get the children through in an achievable time and this is only possible if lunches start at 11:15am and the last group would get their lunch at 1:30pm. By doing grab bags some year groups will be able to eat in their classroom (we would not be able to carry hot meals to the classrooms again due to health and safety guidelines) and so all children will have an appropriate lunch time.


As the government guidance has been released in time for us to make plans for September, we feel we now have the capacity on two of the INSET days to carry out some extra transition and also allow a trial run through of what school will be like.


For our Nursery starters (and those children returning to our nursery setting)

Thursday 3rd September                                Start 8:30am                       Finish 10:30am

Friday 4th September                                      Start 8:30am                       Finish 10:30am


For our two Reception classes:

Pluto Class (Mrs Dickinson and Mrs Thompson)

Thursday 3rd September                              Start 8:40am                       Finish 11:00am

Friday 4th September                                    Start 8:40am                       Finish    1:00pm


Rocket Class (Miss Brooks)

Thursday 3rd September                              Start 8:50am                      Finish 11:10am

Friday 4th September                                   Start 8:50am                       Finish    1:10pm

The children will stay for lunch on the Friday.


For the rest of school:

Thursday 3rd September                Children from Years 1 to 6 identified by school as benefiting from additional transition

Friday 4th September                     All years groups starting and finishing at the times listed above for their year group.


School will contact parents/carers of children we will invite to join us on Thursday 3rd September. This will be for an hour visit, becoming familiar with the routines in place, the look of their classroom and some time with the teacher and adults they will be working with. The Friday will be open to all children (including those that were invited on the Thursday) to again familiarise themselves to what school will be like upon their return on Monday 7th September. These transition days a non-compulsory and will not count towards attendance monitoring for the children. We do ask however that the children wear their uniform if they do attend, to get back into the habit, and for them to bring a packed lunch, as it is actually an INSET day the kitchen will not be open. We have also put transition booklets for each year group onto the school website to help each child prepare. From next week, once approved by governors, the more detail procedures we will put in place for the school recovery plan will also be available for parents/carers to access on the website.


Finally for this week, the annual reports for the children will be emailed out to you from Monday next week. Please appreciate the amount of time it will take to send out each individual report to each individual email address may mean that some reports may not be sent until the Tuesday or even Wednesday as we work through them. We also understand that some of you may want a paper copy for memory boxes and the like, if this is the case we will happily print you a copy when guidance allows us to do so.


As always for the last few months please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or require help or support and please continue to be safe.


Yours sincerely










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